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Mission Bay Clubhouse

Fall 2020

Re-Opening and

Community News







WISHING you a safe and enjoyable Fall with families and friends!

This page is for the purpose of alerting all community members as to the revised opening schedule of Mission Bay facilities for Fall 2020.

The Mission Bay and Preserve Boards of Directors met Friday, May 29th to discuss protocol and dates for re-opening all Clubhouse and community facilities. Montana "Reopening the Big Sky" from the governor's office - COVID-phase 2 was taken into consideration in determining a course of action.

Here is a link to this directive:


Phased Approach


The decision was made to re-open the Mission Bay Clubhouse in stages. The first stage facilities re-opened on Thursday, June 4th, 2020. This opening encompasses the Mission Bay Pool and Spa with adjoining patio areas, the new Tennis/Pickleball courts, and the exercise room.

There is access to hand sanitizing stations, hand sanitizers, masks and wipes throughout the facilities. There are additional cleaning and disinfecting of these areas done each day per CDC recommendations.

Open hours will be the same as prior to closure. Please refer to the HOA website and your homeowner Welcome books for specific hours and rules of operation.


Scroll down for specific details regarding openings


pools, courts and exercise room.

All facilities are for Mission Bay and Preserve members, families and immediate house guests only.


At the same meeting, the Boards made the decision to extend the closure of the Great Room at the Community Center. This extension of closure was confirmed at subsequent Steering Committee meetings in August and September.

This closure includes all group activities, regularly scheduled, and special events. The safety and well-being of all community members remains of utmost concern; this weighed heavily in the decision to postpone this portion of the re-opening. Great Room closure will be re-evaluated every month to determine a new re-opening date.

Mission Bay HOA offices and Mission Bay Real Estate offices are open, and will be adhering to social distancing and sanitation guidelines. Please direct any questions regarding re-opening, events, landscaping, general concerns:

Contact information:

Accounting – karen@missionbayhome.com

HOA Manager – melanie@missionbayhome.com, 406-871-1829



The Mission Bay Real Estate Office: 406-883-1730

Dennis Duty - dennis@missionbayhome.com

Mac Swan - mac@missionbayhome.com

Jaelin Moldenhauer - jaelin@missionbayhome.com 



Please continue to be aware of measures in place meant to keep all community members safe. If you feel you are at risk or vulnerable during this time, please stay at home. The safety of residents continues to be of utmost concern.

Suggestions below are followed by a link to recommendations from the CDC (Center for Disease Control):

  • Practice heightened hygiene. Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizers.

  • We highly encourage social distancing and no shaking of hands.

  • Sanitize access points, handles, remotes, continually used surfaces on a frequent schedule.

We will continue to monitor recommendations and orders provided by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and local government officials to ensure all are kept informed and to provide further guidance.

The link below provides information on how to protect yourself, and what to do if you think you are sick:











The Pool and Spa are closed for the season.



The new tennis and pickleball courts at Mission Bay remain open for fall play. The courts are now open for guests to play as well, as long as accompanied by a current Mission Bay or Preserve resident. Currently, there is no sign-up sheet necessary to play on either the tennis or pickleball courts. We will determine if this is necessary based on the amount of traffic and interest. 

Let us know what you think of our beautiful new courts!










Please enjoy both the pool and court facilities. You will notice that there are hand sanitizing stations throughout the area for everyone's use. Restrooms, showers will be open with extra disinfectant on hand. Also, tables and chairs are spaced for social distancing guidelines. Please be aware of guidelines and adhere to them for safety's sake. There are wipes available to wipe down patio chairs and tables after use.


The workout room is open for use: hours are from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. Please continue to adhere to the policy of wiping down all equipment after use. 

We request only two members utilize the exercise room at one time. There is a sign-up sheet posted for use - this is so that members don't come over and find the gym already full and have to wait. Please indicate when you will work out - if there is no one signed up, and no one in the gym, you are free to enter. Please just be aware of the next reserved time. We would like to accommodate everyone safely and to the best of our ability!



Mission Bay Annual Summer Meeting

The Mission Bay Annual Summer Meeting, regularly scheduled for the second Saturday in June, was canceled for 2020. It is yet to be determined whether the annual Mission Bay and Preserve Financial meeting for the purpose of presenting 2021 budgets will be held at the Clubhouse. The regularly scheduled time for this meeting- Saturday, December 12th at 9:00 am.


Next Mission Bay Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee October meeting for the Community Center and the Mission Bay Master Association will be held the second Tuesday in October, at 9:00 am. This is an open meeting. 




*Mission Bay Annual 4th of July Parade and Lunch

(This event is canceled for 2020 and will re-commence in 2021)

*Music by the Pool: Canceled for 2020

*Fall Event: Canceled for 2020

*Christmas Luncheon: Canceled for 2020


Mission Bay Annual Garage Sale

The Mission Bay Community-wide Annual Garage Sale, usually scheduled for the last Saturday in June, has been canceled for 2020 with anticipated plans to reschedule for next summer.


Schedule "Quick List" for MB Community

  • Community Center

  • Pool & Spa - Closed for the season

  • Tennis/Pickleball Courts - Open for play

  • Exercise Room - Open

  • Great Room - Closed currently to all groups, opening to be determined

  • Events

  • 4th of July Parade and Brunch - canceled for 2020

  • Mission Bay Annual Summer Meeting - canceled for 2020

  • Annual Garage Sale - canceled for 2020

  • Music by the Pool - canceled

  • Christmas Luncheon - canceled for 2020



Mission Bay & Preserve

Beach and Trail Etiquette













All Mission Bay and Preserve streets are open for homeowners to enjoy and take walks; all trails and the beach area in the Preserve are for Preserve homeowners only. No motorized traffic, including golf cart use, is allowed on any trail throughout Mission Bay and the Preserve, for any homeowners.


The Mission Bay beach is for Mission Bay Homeowners use only, the Preserve beach and boathouse for Preserve owners only. This is to allow all residents to enjoy their surroundings.

Preserve owners may use golf carts on trails to launch kayaks and canoes at the beach.

Mission Bay Homeowners: Please stop in the HOA office and get your hang tags for cars and golf carts, to use when parking at the Mission Bay beach. There are signs that all non-Mission Bay visitors parked at the beach will be towed; this is to allow plenty of parking access for all of you that live here!

If you have visitors that park at the beach, share your hang tags with them during their visit.

Preserve owners do not use hang-tags at their beach at this time.



Weed spraying continues throughout the community. With the continual rain, dandelions and other spring weeds are rampant this year. Please let us know if you need assistance finding a landscaper to spray weeds and/or mow your lawn, especially if you have an undeveloped lot and haven't had a chance to look over the condition of the grasses and weeds. There is a 6" maximum height on grass on lots in the community - we are currently contacting homeowners and sending in mowers/sprayers for lot owners that do not take care of this in a timely manner.

For landscaper recommendations:


406-871-1829 cell


 There are Dog-I-Pots installed throughout Mission Bay, and two installed in the Preserve. Mission Bay Pots are located at the beach, Eagle/Hawk intersection, Montana Landing and the Village trailhead. The Pots have been successful in containing refuse throughout the community. Thanks to all pooches and owners using these on a regular basis!

A reminder to keep all dogs leashed, whether on streets, vacant lots or the Golf Course. Mission Bay complies with City of Polson regulations requiring all dogs to be leashed in these areasl.

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