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Community Center Usuage Policy and Fees

Please Note:


The Mission Bay

Community Center

is open!


The great room,  workout room and shower facilities, HOA offices are open. 

The Pool and Spa, tennis and pickleball courts are now closed for the season.

The clubhouse is open for great room activities, for residents and invited guests.








The Community Center is intended to serve as a meeting and social gathering place for all Mission Bay Homeowner functions. All members are encouraged to use the clubhouse for social fellowship among Mission Bay HOA members and their guests.

The clubhouse is also available for personal functions of any Mission Bay HOA member in good standing. A Mission Bay HOA member in good standing is defined as any current dues paying member owning a home or land within the Mission Bay or Mission Bay Preserve development. 

Access to the Clubhouse and adjoining amenities is by individually coded key cards allocated to each homeowner. Additional coded key cards are available for purchase upon request of a homeowner. 


Reservations for the clubhouse will be made available on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations are encouraged to be booked as far in advance as possible. A reservation is confirmed when the Clubhouse Reservation Agreement and deposit check per the room charge schedule is received by the HOA Manager. A room and function calendar can be viewed on the Mission Bay HOA website and is posted at the Community Center.

Event Rental forms may be downloaded and printed out or picked up and filled out at the Mission Bay HOA office.


Clubhouse Rental for Single Event 

Clubhouse OnGoing Activity Sign-Up



No room rental charge will apply for any event organized and sponsored by the Mission Bay HOA Social Committee. 

No room rental charge will apply for use of the clubhouse facility when that use is open to the entire Mission Bay HOA membership and organized for their exclusive use.

A room rental charge will apply for any event or function where a financial charge is made to those in attendance, or an event is not open to the full Mission Bay community. 

All other Clubhouse facility rentals will be subject to a rental fee, along with a deposit:


  • If all rules/conditions are met, the deposit will be refunded.

  • There will be no regularly scheduled events over 4.5 hours in length.

  • Regularly scheduled events under 4.5 hours but with 50% or less Mission Bay owner participation will be charged at $10 per session.

  • There is no charge for regularly scheduled events with 50% or more Mission Bay owner participation.

  • All regularly scheduled Mission Bay activity groups will be asked to complete a new reservation request each year, in fairness to all homeowners. 

  • There are no grandfathered events going forward.

  • Regular groups that do not show up for their reserved time slot without 24 hour notice to the HOA will forfeit that time slot privilege and must reapply for consideration to the Board of Directors. 


Event sponsors will be responsible for payment to the Club Manager and for any damage caused to the facility. Please contact the Mission Bay HOA office at 406-883-5139​, or stop in, for current rental fee and deposit information, as well as to fill out a facility rental form.




  • Mission Bay Community Center Hours: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm  - Special Circumstances: Events going later than 10:00 pm must be addressed ahead of time with the Mission Bay Manger. The Mission Bay HOA member who is hosting an event at the Clubhouse must be in attendance at all times during their sponsored function. As a courtesy to any neighboring property, careful attention should be given to the noise level of the event.

  • The Mission Bay Workout Room is open from 5:00 am - 10:00 pm.

  • The maximum capacity of the Clubhouse shall not exceed 100 people.

  • ALL areas of the Community Center are TOBACCO FREE.  No smoking is allowed in the Clubhouse or any of its' recreational facilities.

  • Any Mission Bay HOA Social Committee sponsored gathering may use the entire Mission Bay HOA facility.  All other gatherings involving rental of the Clubhouse will include the upper patio only. The pool/hot tub, exercise room and both tennis courts may not be rented. An HOA member may rent a single tennis court for tournament play for $50 per day. The Homeowner must be present at all times while the court is being rented.

  • NO PETS of any type are allowed in Community Center areas. Service dogs are not considered pets.

  • Proper attire: Casual dress in the Community Center, swim suits in the pool area only.



A guest is defined as an overnight visitor or immediate family member. All other guests will be referred to as invited guests. All portions of the Mission Bay HOA facilities are open for use by Mission Bay and Mission Bay Preserve owners in good standing, and their guests.

Homeowners must be present when guests under 16 use the pool, hot tub or tennis courts, and when guests under 16 use the Great room and exercise room

Members and guests must use owner's key card for access. Homeowner must notify the manager in writing that guests will be using the facility without the owner's presence.



An invited guests is any guest of a Mission Bay HOA member that is not an overnight visitor or immediate family member. There is a limit of 3 times a season that a guest may use the recreational portion of the facility whether invited by a single HOA member or by a multiple number of HOA members. The HOA member sponsoring the invited guests will pay a pass fee of $10 per day for each guest exceeding the 3 time limit of their use of any portion of the Mission Bay recreational facility. The homeowner must be present at all times when guests use any portion of the facility. 



Reported and verified violations will be handled as follows:


First time violation: A letter will be sent to the violating party indicating the offense and a reminder of the rules.

Repeat or second violation by the same parties: A letter will be sent indicating the offense and violation noticed will be sent to the MB CC&R committee for review The owner may receive a minimum two-week suspension from use of the Community center and its' recreational facilities as determined by the Mission Bay By-Laws/Covenants Conditions & Restrictions Committee. 



Closed for the Season


  • Please be aware of, and practice social distancing while enjoying these areas.

  • NEW! Adults only swim hours will be in effect Monday through Sunday from 8:00 - 10:00 am

  • No lifeguard on duty. Use pool/hot tub at your own risk. Always be considerate of others.

  • All homeowners and guests must enter through the front door when utilizing the pool and hot tub areas.

  • State law mandates that the Hot tub temperature will be no more than 102 degrees. Children under age 5 are not allowed in the hot tub for health and safety reasons. Children under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No one may be in the hot tub for more than 15 minutes at a time. Swim diapers are required for infants/small children in the pool. Flotation devices for safety and goggles for eye protection are allowed. No other toys, balls, Frisbees, squirt guns, etc. are allowed.

  • Running, diving or jumping into the pool or hot tub, boisterous conduct, unnecessary splashing, ball, or Frisbee throwing are not permitted.

  • All homeowners and guests must towel off before entering the building or locker rooms.  

  • No glass containers are allowed in the pool/spa or upper patio area. Food and drink are allowed in the upper patio area only. Drinks must be in a plastic or non-breakable containers. No food of any type is allowed around the pool or spa area.

  • Radios, CD players, etc are not permitted unless used with headphones. Music for water aerobics or social gatherings is an exception. In any case, no electrical appliance with the exception of battery operated is allowed within 10 feet of the pool.

  • No one with open cuts or wounds or communicable disease is allowed in the pool or hot tub. The pool is reserved every day for exercise, for adults only, from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.

  • At home; hanging of swimming towels and bathing suits is not allowed on homeowner's outdoor deck railings.


Closed for the season

  • Proper attire: Soft soled tennis or athletic shoes, No hard soles or spiked shoes.

  • Homeowners and invited guests are allowed.

  • Please note that the entrance to the courts will be through the main Community Center entrance after Labor Day weekend. The Side court gate will be locked.

  • The opening of the tennis courts is dependent on weather conditions and at the discretion of the Mission Bay Manager.



Hours 5:00 am - 10:00 pm

Enter exercise room from door inside the Community Center. Door from exercise room immediately to the outside is for emergency exit only.


  • Proper attire: You must have a clean pair of tennis shoes to eliminate dirt that accumulates on the aerobic equipment. Pants/shorts and shirts are proper attire.

  • Homeowners have first right of use of the equipment.

  • The rug area needs to be kept free from dirt and clutter for patron's use of the floor for stretching and other exercises.

  • When starting the treadmill, straddle the belt, start treadmill, then step on the belt.

  • Clean equipment after each use. Use spray bottle and towel provided.

  • Rack dumbbells after use.

  • Radios, CD players, I-Pods, etc are not permitted unless used with headphones.

  • Please be considerate of others using the room, with regards to the TV volume. Close exercise room door when TV is in use.

  • If you are the last person in the room please turn off the lights and TV when you are finished.